Our Educational Video Catalogue

Our therapy packages consist of carefully selected interviews and videos produced with the help of experts in their respective fields.

Our videos can be viewed individually or as bundles.

Our Sex and the Spine videos are suitable for individual and/or for couple viewing. At any stage an additional one-to-one consultation can be requested with one of our experts to go over any aspect in the greater depth in complete privacy and security. Several of the packages are gender specific for example erectile dysfunction, it can still how ever make sense to view this package with a partner or for a partner to view this on his or her own to gain a better  understanding of the condition and what can be done for it.

Erectile Dysfunction Therapy
Sexual Aids Therapy
Cauda Equina Syndrome Therapy
Body Confidence and Image Therapy
Female Sexual Dysfunction
How To Build Relationships Between Partners Therapy
Spine Surgery Rehabilitation Therapy
How To Build Intimacy After Spinal Cord Injury Therapy
Scar Massage Techniques Therapy

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