Spinal Surgery Rehabilitation – Advice & Exercises

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Simple tips and exercises to build physical stamina and self-confidence after a spinal surgical procedure.

The videos in this package extensively cover means of rebuilding self-confidence after a surgical procedure. Our consultant physiotherapist teaches a range of techniques designed to rebuild muscle strength and confidence in engaging in everyday activities, of which sexual health constitutes a major part. The use of sexual aids and how these can help sexual performance are discussed in an engaging manner. There are a number of simple ways of making sexual life post-surgery happy, healthy and exciting which are easy and non-stressful to learn. Watch these videos to learn more.

This course includes video interviews with:

  • Eleanor Dunstan (Consultant Clinical Physiotherapist, Nottingham UK)
  • Martha Lee ( Clinical Sexologist, Singapore)
  • Dr. Areena Dsouza (Spine Surgeon, Germany)
  • Dr. med.Bronek Boszczyk (Consultant Spine Surgeon, Germany)
  • Angela Gregory (Clinical Psychosexual therapist, Nottingham UK)
  • Lindsey George (Beauty therapist and Patient, UK)

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