In today’s world with everything being available so easily, including medical care, one may wonder why a website for online medical consultations would be useful.

What one doesn’t realise is the value such a consultation brings to problem solving.

Our website, Sex and the Spine, brings together years of experience through our Spinal Surgeons and practitioners, to help patients not just in one area, but across the Globe! This highlights an important purpose of this online consultation forum- easy accessibility to patients all over the world. A patient can easily access details of the professional they would like to consult, and book an online consultation in minutes! All from the comfort of his/her home or work place. It is a simple process and needs no downloading of apps or programs online. One can access this by phone, laptop or tablet and only needs internet access.

A very important aspect to any web related action is safety. Users can rest assured that Doocle is a safe and secure portal for patient consultations which does not share any personal details. Doocle is being successfully used for Patient consultations and is very well accepted.

Doocle also has the capacity to have a joint consultation when needed for particular clinical situations, which is very hard to arrange in the setting of a face-to-face clinic visit. We trust this will help patients immensely who need opinions from different specialities.

Overall, our website aims at providing a comprehensive, yet easy, private, safe and genuine consultation pathway for patients to receive professional support. It is not easy or comfortable for patients to physically visit professionals for sexual health related issues. Our service and website recognises this and provides a discreet and dignified solution to consultations for spine related sexual dysfunction.

If you wish to connect for a confidential video consultation with a sex therapist, click through to the expert on your choice to initiate the online consultation at your convenience.

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