How To Rebuild A Relationship Between Partners

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The importance of and ways to rekindle relationships between partners that are affected by spinal conditions, injuries or post surgery.

The videos in this package underline the importance of rekindling relationships between partners that are affected due to spinal conditions/ injuries/ surgery/ pain and reduced mobility or simply fear. Our clinical sexologists convey the importance and value of restoring and sharing this special bond and discuss a range of techniques including sexual aids that can help restore a fulfilling sexual life without anxiety.

This package includes video interviews with:

  • Martha Lee (Clinical Sexologist, Singapore)
  • Eleanor Dunstan (Consultant Clinical Physiotherapist, Nottingham UK)
  • Dr. Areena Dsouza (Spine Surgeon, Germany)
  • Dr. med.Bronek Boszczyk (Consultant Spine Surgeon, Germany)
  • Angela Gregory (Clinica Psychosexual therapist, Nottingham UK)
  • Lindsey George (Beauty therapist and patient, UK)

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