How To Build Intimacy After Spinal Cord Injury

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These videos explain personal experiences, difficulties faced, ways to help build intimacy, and treatment options after a Spinal cord injury.

Spinal Cord injury is life changing with very serious impacts on personal lives. Sexuality after spinal cord injury is one of the first questions asked but sadly rarely discussed in detail and not given preference despite the emotional impact that is caused. In this video package we speak to leading experts about their experiences (both personal and with patients) with the obstacles and turmoil’s faced and ways to help deal with them. The videos also shed light on various treatments that are available for patients with spinal cord injury and why it is important for medical and counselling professionals to engage with those affected to understand more about sexuality in spinal cord injury. Watch the videos for insightful discussions.

This course includes video interviews with:

  • Angela Gregory (Clinical Psychosexual therapist, Nottingham)
  • Michelle Donald (Clinical Psychosexual therapist in Spinal Cord Injury centres, UK)
  • Martha Lee (Clinical sexologist, Singapore)
  • Eleanor Dunstan (Consultant Clinical Physiotherapist, Nottingham UK)
  • Dr. Areena Dsouza (Spine Surgeon, Germany)
  • Dr. med. Bronek Boszczyk (Consultant Spine surgeon, Germany)
  • Amr Raheem (Consultant Andrologist, UK)
  • Dr. Divya Parashar (Clinical Psychologist, India)

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