Erectile Dysfunction Therapy

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Everything you need to know about Erectile Dysfunction and various treatment options.

The videos in this package include detailed discussions on Erectile Dysfunction with internationally renowned specialists.

Talks move from explanations on normal anatomy and male sexual function to the changes that occur after injury or in certain spinal conditions. Recent studies show that Erectile Dysfunction is more common than generally assumed with 5% of men at the age of 40 having severe dysfunction and 25% having mild to moderate dysfunction which increases with age.

Certain spinal conditions such as Cauda Equina Syndrome or even simple spinal stenosis can worsen this. Our experts discuss the treatment options in an open and understandable manner. Spinal cord injury with ensuing Erectile Dysfunction is a separate entity.

Our experts explain the physiological changes due to injury and the various treatment modalities which range from medical support through to penile implants.

Myths and facts about these conditions are separated for greater clarity and the importance of reaching out to specialists for help at the earliest signs and symptoms is emphasized.

This course includes video interviews with our highly experienced multidisciplinary panel of International experts:

  • Angela Gregory (Clinical Psychosexual therapist, Nottingham)
  • Mr. Amr Raheem (Consultant Andrologist, London)
  • Martha Lee (Clinical Sexologist, Singapore)
  • Eleanor Dunstan (Consultant Clinical Physiotherapist, Nottingham)
  • Dr. Areena Dsouza (Spine Surgeon, Germany)
  • Dr. med. Bronek Boszczyk (Consultant spine surgeon, Germany)

This course includes an extensive discussion with leading specialists about Erectile Dysfunction, including the anatomical and physiological changes occurring due to nerve injury, and its various treatment modalities.

It also discusses various myths and facts about this condition, and why it is important to reach out to specialists for medical help at the earliest sign and symptoms.

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