Body Confidence and Body Image After Spinal Surgery

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Help and advice on ways to boost your confidence and love your body again.

The videos in this package cover the important topic of body confidence and body image with relation to surgical scars and/or deformity. Body image and confidence is very personal and important, yet rarely discussed, even though sexuality is greatly influenced by self-perception. Confidence in the way one feels and thinks about his/her body plays an important role in developing relationships and there are several ways of building this. Partners too, may be unsure how to touch scars, talk about scars or even engage in the healing process. The experts in this video package openly discuss these topics and address many of the questions and thoughts around body image to help overcome personal negativity to help lead a healthy and happy sexual/personal life. Watch the videos to understand more.

This course includes video interviews with our highly experienced multidisciplinary panel of International experts:

  • Martha Lee(Clinical Sexologist, Singapore)
  • Eleanor Dunstan (Consultant Clinical Physiotherapist, Nottingham)
  • Dr. Areena Dsouza (Spine Surgeon, Germany)
  • Dr. med. Bronek Boszczyk (Consultant spine surgeon, Germany)

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