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It is widely recognised that a range of spinal disorders can lead to sexual dysfunction.

And yet it is not a topic that is well understood or openly discussed even in a clinical setting.

This can be pinned down to a number of reasons, which can vary from the lack of knowledge or discomfort felt by the medical practitioner who sees such patients, versus patients not being open to the idea of disclosing such information or being unable to adequately describe their problems. These issues stem from some basic deficiencies in our approach as medical practitioners, and the lack of understanding a simple fact- Sex is an important aspect of daily life. Patients appreciate simple solutions to tackle day to day issues and some dos and don’ts. But sexual activity by itself does not readily feature as part of these discussions.

In an informal survey conducted at Nottingham University Hospitals, 95% of patients presenting to the Physiotherapy Department due to back pain would have appreciated more information about how their condition could affect their sexual activity and what steps could be taken to improve this important part of their lives.

Sex And The Spine (SATS) was founded in 2016 by a group of health care professionals headed by Spine Surgeon Dr. Med. Bronek Boszczyk, who had all witnessed the devastation arising from spinal and neural injuries on sexual function. The despair of persons and couples faced with loss of genital sensation and function following injury or disease is heartbreaking. Couples no longer know how to be intimate or sexual for fear of further injury, or in some cases (often women) do not even reveal their sexual functional impairment due to shame. Making matters worse, there still is an immense taboo surrounding sexual intimacy and most heath care professionals have never been trained to comfort and counsel their patients seeking help for these conditions. Over our experience in the last couple of years in dealing with patients with spinal issues and sexual dysfunction, we understood how hard it was for patients to find answers to their questions, and solutions to their problems of sexual dysfunction. Unfortunately there is a lack of a good and genuine resource of information, for clinicians or patients to access.

Driven by the scarcity of professionals willing to engage in advice and treatment of sexual disorders arising from spinal conditions, SATS progressively raised awareness at spinal conferences and recruited international experts with background in spinal surgery, psychology, mens health (andrology), urology and sexology. Together the members of this dedicated team have over the past 4 years built an increasingly professional platform providing online medical consultations, video resources and social media engagement for persons affected with sexual dysfunction due to spinal injury, spinal deformity, spinal conditions, neurological injury or disease. The development has been placed under the auspices of NSpine LTD – a company founded by Dr. Bronek Boszczyk, dedicated to providing education for spinal health care professionals and patients.

First Sex and The Spine Event at Spine Week Singapore 2016

The multi-disciplinary team structuring this platform include spine surgeons Dr. med. Bronek Boszczyk (Germany) and Dr. Areena Dsouza (Germany), Clinical Sexologists Angela Gregory (United Kingdom) and Dr. Martha Lee (Singapore), Consultant Andrologist Mr. Amr Raheem (United Kingdom), Consultant Physiotherapist Eleanor Dunstan (United Kingdom), Psychosexual therapist for regional Spinal Cord Injury centres (United Kingdom) Michelle Donald and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Divya Parashar (India).

We are also fortunate to be able to draw on a pool of experts in their fields from across the Globe for specific topics.

The key goals of our website include:

Improve Understanding

To improve understanding of the normal physiology and psychology of sexual function and how it is affected by a range of spinal conditions, from back pain to spinal cord injury (SCI) or Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES).

Online Consultation Platform

To offer private online consultations via our platform with our health experts, to help affected persons by providing interdisciplinary advice & guidance. We can also provide joint consultations with experts if need be.

Breaking Down Taboos

To create open discussion forums aimed at breaking barriers, and raising awareness of patient demands and treatment strategies by health care professionals via our various platforms.

Provide Information

To provide information to Health care Professionals and Patients about specialised topics related to sexual health including Webinars, Educational Courses, Expert interviews and more.

In short…

Sex And The Spine is driven by a tremendously dedicated group of health care professionals. We aim at bringing much needed informational content to persons suffering from sexual dysfunction arising from a range of spinal conditions. We hope to widen our outreach to all those who need these services.

We are always humbled by the positive response and support we recieve from you all and we hope you would continue to do so throughout our journey.