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Have you ever wondered how you could easily access trusted resources on sexual well-being from professional experts?

Join us at Sex and the Spine with our panel of experts to learn about many different topics on sexual health, especially those linked to spinal conditions.

This is feasible from the privacy of your home, either alone or with the comfort of your loved one.

The ‘How it Works’ section will help you understand better.

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Privacy & Security

As healthcare professionals we are very aware of the importance of privacy and security. Any communication with you will be discreet and free of personal information.

Our portals use the latest third-party security and confidentiality features. We never keep or disclose any of your details/email address/identity/medical information  with any third parties.

Personalised Advice & Treatment

We provide a holistic approach with interdisciplinary advice for your intimacy needs.We help you find the right practitioners for your problem and help build treatment pathways. We also believe in collaborating with referring or treating physicians to help with your progress as and when indicated. But we never transfer any medical information without your prior consent.

Payments & Transactions

All payment transactions are via safe and secure payment gateways. All purchases are one time payments with no recurring charges.

The online consultations with a health professional involves a single payment when you book an appointment. You will receive a payment receipt from Sex And The Spine and the same will appear on your credit card.

Who We Are……

Sex And The Spine includes internationally recognised health care professionals including spinal surgeons, physiotherapists, sex therapists and more, who share one common goal- to help improve sexual function in a range of conditions related to the spine; through accessible online educational media, therapy advice and support & guidance. Our areas of expertise include:
  • Sexual dysfunction following spinal cord injury or nerve injury
  • Sexual impairment in back and neck pain
  • Sexual issues after Cauda Equina Syndrome
  • Sexual restriction following spinal surgery
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Impaired body image in spinal deformity such as scoliosis
  • Impaired body image through surgical scars
  • Relationship counselling for couples, individuals after spinal/medical conditions

Meet Our Team of Experts

Bronek Boszczyk
Bronek Boszczyk
Spinal Surgeon
Martha Lee
Martha Lee
Clinical Sexologist
Amr Raheem
Amr Raheem
Consultant Urologist
Angela Gregory
Angela Gregory
Psychosexual Therapist
Areena D'Souza
Areena D'Souza
Spinal Surgeon
Eleanor Dunstan
Eleanor Dunstan
Consultant Physiotherapist
Michelle Donald
Michelle Donald
Psychosexual Therapist
Divya Parashar
Divya Parashar
Clinical & Rehabilitation Psychologist

How Can We Help?

You may be in the early phases following spinal injury or have had an operation (surgery) on your spine and may need advice on re-engaging in sexual activity. You may also be a person affected by a condition with limited dexterity/mobility seeking information on improving your sexual intimacy or use of sexual aids. Or you may be a loved one looking for information for your partner. Whatever your objective, we are here to help in your journey to recovery.


We offer:

  • free educational video interviews with medical/professional experts via YouTube channel
  • in-depth video packages focusing on specific sexual health conditions on our Teachable page
  • one to one online video consultations via our secure video platform
  • webinars and professional seminars for individuals and couples
  • a shop with sexual health products suitable for those having undergone surgery or faced with limited dexterity or neural injury
Is this site for men or women?

This site is for men, women and couples. The content can be viewed alone or together.

Are you a Charity?

No, whilst we support and partner with charities, we are a responsible commercial company. Much of the income generated is reinvested into building the platform further and more educational content. Much of the educational content is free, but professional service fees for our consultations, programming, maintenance etc. apply.

Are your experts suitably qualified to provide medical consultations?

All our consultants state their qualifications in their overview. They are accredited and well qualified professionals. Expert patients are not always health professionals – their advice is however based on experiences with their conditions.

Are your consultations and services covered by medical aid?

No, all consultations are private transactions.

Sex And The Spine aims to spread its reach far and wide and help get rid of the “Taboos” involved with sexual health and sex education.

We have widened our horizon and continue to provide medical knowledge and sexual advice for those most in need of it in more ways than one. We have gained lots of well wishers along the path and we are ever so grateful. Thank you for all the support you have given us and for placing your trust in us. We hope you will continue to do so!

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What People Say About us

"The sex and the spine team are marvellous to work with - true experts in their field offering excellent clinician and patient reach / educational value across Europe"

DARREN BREEN, Marketing Director iMEDicare, United Kingdom

"Sex and The Spine is a great concept of providing interdisciplinary sexual health advice to people in need. I enjoy bouncing off ideas with the practitioners of this team and this experience has helped me feel excited about the work I do again! Sex and The Spine has helped me get my Mojo back!!"

MICHELLE DONALD (Psychosexual Therapist at various SCI centres in UK)

Partner With Sex and the Spine

If you would like to work with Sex and the Spine, we would be delighted to explore opportunities to collaborate.

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